Directions/Lesson Protocol


My studio is at 161 West 54th Street, Apartment 603 (northeast corner of 54th Street and 7th Avenue.) The most convenient subway stops are the 57th Street stop on the N/R/Q (get out at the 55th street exit), the 53rd Street stop on the B/D/E or the Columbus Circle station (A/B/C/D/1.)

Visit the Contact page for a map.

Lesson Protocol:

When you come for your first appointment, my studio will be to your left as you exit the elevator (Apartment 603). Feel free to come right in the front door, even if you are early; there is no need to knock or buzz. At this time, you may use the bathroom (the bathroom is through the kitchen, across from the refrigerator, and the light is a pull-chain that is over your head), get yourself some water, and make yourself at home. However, if you are the first student of the day or if I am on a break, the door may be locked; in this case, please wait until right before your lesson, and then knock or buzz. You are welcome to take your shoes off, but you don’t have to, unless it is rainy or snowy; if so, there is a black mat under the bench in the foyer that you may use for your shoes.

In terms of what to bring with you for your first session, please bring your audition book and/or any sheet music that you want to work on, and some way to record the session. (Or if you want to rock it 90s-style, I sell CD-Rs for $1 that I can use to record your session.)