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Revitalize your technique with the 30 Day Vocalise Challenge.  I'll take you through ten topics that are essential for a well-trained voice, giving you three new exercises that will take that aspect of your technique to a new level.  You get video, audio and written instruction, all downloadable and yours to keep forever.

If performing anxiety has ever gotten the better of you, BrainCalm is the class you've been waiting for.  In this live course, you'll watch me break down the many things you can do to reset your nervous system and give your best performance.  You'll learn the best breathing exercises, ways to use your vision to your advantage, and new ways to access your nervous system that you've never tried before.

If your voice is suffering for any reason, De-Swell Your Cords may be the rescue you need.  In this course, I break down the most tried-and-true methods to quickly and safely reduce vocal fold swelling.  You also get warm-ups to do before going onstage when you're sick, and even a home workout that you can do to get your voice back ASAP.

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