My studio is at 161 West 54th Street, Apartment 603 (northeast corner of 54th Street and 7th Avenue.) The most convenient subway stops are the 57th Street stop on the N/R/Q (get out at the 55th street exit), the 53rd Street stop on the B/D/E or the Columbus Circle station (A/B/C/D/1.)

Visit the Contact page for a map.

When you come for your lesson, my studio will be to your left as you exit the elevator (Apartment 603). Feel free to come right in the front door, even if you are early; there is no need to knock or buzz.  If your lesson is the first of the day or right after my break (generally 11AM and 4PM), the door may be locked.  If that is true, you can wait in the hall and I will come open the door at the top of the hour.

If you are early and I'm still teaching, feel free to use the bathroom; it's through the kitchen, across from the refrigerator, and you can wash your hands in the kitchen sink (the soap dispenser is automatic; just place your hand under the soap nozzle.)  You can also help yourself to filtered water; the black unit right next to the refrigerator is a bottleless water cooler.  Simply place your water bottle (or take a glass from above the sink) under the faucet that is closer to the fridge and press back on the dispenser.  

I prefer if you remove your shoes and place them on the black mat under the bench in the foyer.  However, if you want to leave your shoes on because you plan to perform in them and want to practice with them, go for it (as long as it's not raining/snowing out.)

The only things you need to bring with you are:

  1. Sheet music for whatever songs you want to sing.  I'm happy to read off of your iPad/tablet, or you can also email me digital copies of whatever you want to work on ( and you can read them off of an iPad Pro that I keep in the studio for your use.
  2. Some way to record the session.

Can't wait to work with you!