Looking for some new musical inspiration?  Tired of singing the same old songs?  Look no further.  Over many years working in the audition room as a pianist, I've kept my eyes and ears open for the songs that tend to get the best response from casting directors and creative teams.  And now, I'm sharing my research with you; with my repertoire databases, you are sure to find music that is unique, interesting and well-suited to booking a job.  Each song that is listed in the database is accompanied by show/composer information, to make finding them easier; once you've discovered your new favorites, you can buy the sheet music and be on your way to an audition book that you will love.

Once you've purchased the rep lists, you should receive the files.  If this doesn't happen, shoot me an email at studio@andrewmbyrne.com and I'll send you the links myself.

Target A Show

What's your dream role? Is there a show that you're dying to be in? This database will ensure that you have the best and most appropriate song choices for over 50 Broadway shows that are currently being produced in New York and in regional theaters. For a complete list of shows that are included, go here.

Find Your Niche

If you need songs that will fit your type perfectly, this is the list for you. Here, you will find extensive options for many of the most common categories that singing actors need to have a well-rounded and effective rep book, including classic and contemporary comedy songs, great audition songs from new musicals, and many more. For a list of the categories represented, go here.

Cure for Overdone Songs

Overdone songs are usually overdone for one simple reason; they are great songs. But there are also many undiscovered gems that can help you stand out in the audition room while still fulfilling the same audition needs. Here, you will find a database where I've listed over 20 of the most commonly sung musical theater songs. For each tune, I give you 10 alternative songs that feel similar in musical style and lyrical content, but that are not as frequently heard. For a list of titles, go here.


Get All Three Databases

If you'd like to get all three of my databases, they are available in one discounted package. For far less than the cost of a vocal coaching, you can have repertoire suggestions for every possible situation.


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