What’s My Performing Personality?

I wrote the quiz below based on Gretchen Rubin’s book Better than Beforewhich is an amazing exploration of how we create good habits in our lives.  In the book, she identifies four tendencies that people exhibit when it comes to meeting expectations (upholders, questioners, obligers and rebels).  I’ve adapted her ideas for performers; taking this quiz will help you determine which of these tendencies you exhibit, and what kind of mindset you bring to your performance training.  In the results page, I’ll give you some suggestions for how you can use this information to improve the results from your vocal study. Enjoy!

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1.Completing tasks on my to-do list is very satisfying for me. *
2.I tend to prioritize other people’s happiness above my own. *
3.Rules are made to be broken. *
4.I HATE to wait in line. *
5.If someone tells me a role/song/style is wrong for me, my first thought is, “I’ll show you.” *
6.I have no problem getting up at 6AM to get to an audition early. *
7.If it seems like I will enjoy a show, I go, even if it’s gotten bad reviews or my friends haven’t liked it. *
8.The hardest word in the English language for me to say is “no.” *
9.I can’t commit to a practice schedule; the mood has to strike me. *
10.If I’m entering a new situation, I like to know what the rules of the “world” are before I begin. *
11.I’ve been known to do extensive online research before making a purchase or taking a trip. *
12.I enjoy changing my circumstances (where I live, where I work, etc.) every so often. *
13.When I’m in a show and asked to be off-book by a certain date, I will typically be memorized well ahead of the deadline. *
14.When it comes to exercise, I need to go to a class; otherwise, I don’t do it. *
15.Choral singing drives me crazy; I don’t like having to cut off together, breathe together, etc. *
16.If a doctor tells me to do something for my health, but I think they’re wrong, I won’t do it. *
17.When I was in school, I put a lot of stock in my grades. *
18.I hate doing busywork, like filling out forms. *
19.I’m the one in the cast who everyone comes to for favors. *
20.Discipline is not a problem for me. *
21.I love to think outside the box and draw my own conclusions. *
22.Deadlines don’t mean much to me. *
23.I’m a people-pleaser. *
24.If I were writing a PhD thesis, I think it would be really hard for me to stay on a writing schedule. *
25.If I think I’m going to be bad at something, I’d rather not do it. *
26.When I’ve committed to go to a friend’s performance, I’ll be there–no excuses. *
27.I’m not afraid to be the voice of dissent. *
28.I suffer from analysis-paralysis. *
29.Promises made to yourself can be broken. Promises to others should never be broken. *
30.I’m always on time for all social and professional events. In fact, I prefer to be early. *
31.I need my coaches and teachers to give me assignments; otherwise, nothing gets done. *
32.When filling out online forms, I love autofill; having to constantly type out my information is draining. *
33.If I’m given a boundary, I like to see how far I can bend it. *
34.To me, freedom means no limits. *
35.If I were really hating a movie, I would have no problem leaving early. *
36.I often feel stretched too thin and frazzled. *
37.I always keep my New Year’s resolutions. *
38.I’m drawn to material that emphasizes freedom, autonomy and self-determination. *
39.I eat more healthily when I’m with others. *
40.If a director tells me how he wants a scene played, I’ll listen, but in the end, I’ll do what makes sense for me. *
41.Beyoncé is literally flawless. *

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