As a singer, you are an Olympic athlete.  Train like one.

Welcome to The Singing Athlete, a four-day course taught by Andrew Byrne (that's me.)  Through a combination of instruction, group exercise and individual master-class sessions, you will learn secrets of elite vocal performance that I have adapted from the world's best athletic trainers.  Along the way, we'll be exploring new ways to harness the power of your body and your nervous system to bring your singing to new levels of ease and mastery.  

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What Will I Learn?

Here's a sneak peak into what we'll be covering each day

-Simple tests to check how much oxygen is in your tissues

-Clear methods to assess and prevent hyperventilation

-How to work your diaphragm using both contractile strength and reflexive stretch

-Two easy ways to determine if you need to focus more on inhalation or exhalation

-How to create strength and power in several other key respiration muscles 

-What are the two enemies of efficient movement, and how do you fix them?

-Three fool-proof ways to know that your body and voice like a particular exercise

-The six highest-payoff joint exercises for all singers

-Discover the secret to releasing tension in any body part

-How do jammed joints affect muscle strength?

-Quick and effective muscle tests you can use to determine your readiness for high performance

-Simple nerve stretches that can improve your strength in a flash

-How's your tongue strength?  A 10-part protocol to find out

-The three main jaw muscles and their relationship to soft palate and laryngeal function

-Do you need to work in your extremities or your core?  The one key factor to consider.

-What are the three parts of your inner ear, and how are they affecting your voice?

-What is the most important visual skill for singers? (hint: it's not acuity)

-How good is your visual focus when you're singing?  And why does this matter?

-Simple tools to work with the four key elements of vision

-Learn how your inner ear affects the muscles in your back, from your neck to your feet

Who Is "The Singing Athlete" For?

-Performers who like to work from a physical standpoint

-Actors and singers looking for a different perspective on improving their craft

-Singing/acting teachers who are searching for new tools to unlock growth in their students

-Anyone who is fascinated by the brain/body connection


Performers have a slot each afternoon to sing and work with Andrew individually.  In these sessions, you will:

-Get individualized assessment of your voice/body to resolve any vocal issues that have been in your way.

-Receive daily "homework" from Andrew on how to maintain and build on progress made in class.

-Have the opportunity to work on an upcoming role, audition material or new pieces that you want to conquer technically.

Auditors will get full participation in the morning sessions each day, and will be able to observe the individual work sessions in the afternoon master class sessions.

The individual work sessions will be very interactive, so even if you are auditing, you will have the opportunity to participate in the work being done.

Auditors who attend for at least two days will also receive full access to all course materials.

As a special BONUS, any performer or auditor who attends at least two days of class receives a lifetime membership to The Singing Athlete Online, a compendium of over 70 videos which expand upon the exercises we do in class.  The online content is designed to help you review the drills, perfect your form and deepen your understanding of the course content.

Course Details

The Singing Athlete has been taught all over the world, and if you're interested in bringing the course to your area, write to Andrew here.

Want to ask a question before signing up?  Email me here.

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