Welcome to Andrew Byrne Voice Studio, Inc.

917-513-3642 | studio@andrewmbyrne.com

My studio is at 161 West 54th Street, Apartment 603 (northeast corner of 54th Street and 7th Avenue.) The most convenient subway stops are the 57th Street stop on the N/R/Q (get out at the 55th street exit), the 53rd Street stop on the B/D/E or the Columbus Circle station (A/B/C/D/1.)

Visit the Contact page for a map.

If you need to cancel your session for any reason, I need 24 hours notice; that way I can fill your slot. If you need to cancel with less than 24 hours notice, you must pay for the time.

For your first session, I ask that you bring your audition book, as well as some way to record the session. I also sell blank CD-Rs for $1.00 apiece.


If you are a new student, please click here.

When using the calendar below to schedule a lesson, please note that when you see 7 hours scheduled in a day, the day is considered full. Please do not request a time on a day that is full.

When you find a time that will work in your schedule, email me at studio@andrewmbyrne.com, and I will enter it in the schedule; it is best if you give me 2 or 3 options, in case the time you requested is full.

I teach Monday-Friday between the hours of 11AM to 7PM (6PM being the last time booked).  If 7PM is the only time that will work in your schedule, let me know, and I’ll do my best to accommodate you.  I don’t teach on weekends.