Use the power of your nervous system to unlock the mystery of anxiety.

Do you struggle with performance anxiety?  Are you looking for new, non-pharmaceutical techniques to fix this debilitating pattern?  Allow me to show you practical tools you can use to redirect anxious impulses and to give your best performance.

BrainCalm is a course that I developed based on my extensive study of neuroscience as it is applied to the body and the voice.  In this live course, I will break down for you the actions you can take to change your brain chemistry in a moment of panic.  Here are some of the things you'll learn:

-How your brain's feeding pattern affects anxious responses

-The two postural enemies of calmness, and how to fix them

-A brain-based explanation of how to shift your brain out of a threat response


-Three quick tests to discover if you are breathing correctly

-Four fool-proof ways to fix your breath habits as you go through your day

-The best diaphragm stretch to instantly drop your anxiety level

-Which nerve in your body is responsible for calming you down

-The best ways to talk to this nerve before a performance

-The one body part you can't ignore if you're serious about fixing your nerves

-How your core stability affects your anxiety

-The connection between your abdominal nerves and your brain

-New moves to access core strength (you haven't done these at the gym before)

-How your brain's visual centers relate to fear processing

-The one visual skill that is most essential for calm

-A downloadable visual drill that you can use to relax yourself before a performance

-Get Andrew's chart for the ultimate pre-performance focus exercise

-Learn the variations you can use to calm your brain

-Download it and keep it on your phone to use anytime 

Additionally, you will receive some cool bonus content with your course registration:

-An advanced video on breathing for stress reduction

-A further look at how vision affects your anxiety, and what to do about it

-An awesome downloadable PDF that you can use to determine how color is affecting your brain and your mental focus

Are you ready for BrainCalm?  Click below to get started.