Here are some samples of my work as a composer, arranger and lyricist. I want to thank all of my amazingly talented friends and colleagues who contributed their time and efforts to make these videos and recordings.

Original Songs:

Mommy is a Rock Star:  Marya Grandy performs my song on Seth Rudetsky’s “OBSESSED!” series:

A Contemporary Musical Theater Song (performed by Robby Sharpe)  This song is featured in the motion picture Waiting in the Wings.

We Stand: (performed by Stanley Bahorek, Whit Baldwin, Casey Cole, Dena Cubbin, Matthew Deming, Michael DiLiberto, Leslie Henstock, Shanna Lesniak, Alison Mahoney, James Newman, Jenn Newman and Robby Sharpe.  Accompanied by Carol Hess and conducted by Amy Justman.) A choral piece that I wrote for my wedding.


12 Bad Auditions (performed by Jenny Neale, Ryan Murray, Jen Mintzer, Michael Di Liberto, Shanna Lesniak and Ariela Morgenstern) Some days, an actor just can’t catch a break.

A Jason Robert Brown Song (Last 5 Years Parody) A meditation on the difficulties of performing his works, set to the tune of “A Summer in Ohio” (performed by Jodie Bentley)

Taylor (A Response) Many of you know the great Goldrich/Heisler song about the latte boy, but do you know his side of the story? (performed by Ben Hensley)


Audition Medley: Brian Charles Rooney performing a medley of favorite overdone audition songs: