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Andrew Byrne's Online Studio is the one-stop shop for all things vocal.  There is no other online platform that combines this level of resources for singers in one convenient location.   Looking to warm up before a big audition?  Check.  Stress affecting your voice?  No problem.  Just need to SING?  We can do that.  Using his extensive background in training voices, bodies and brains to operate at peak-performance level, Andrew provides you with exclusive video, audio and written content that is guaranteed to amp up your voice study and help you achieve your singing goals as you never have before.

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What's Inside

Hundreds of vocalises are at your fingertips, organized by gender and category (agility, belting, articulation, etc.)  From absolute beginners to advanced vocal pros, there is something here for you.   All exercises are downloadable so you can create warm-up playlists that get you ready for action.

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Nee-nee-nee triplets

Each section of vocal exercises comes with accompanying videos to give you cutting-edge information on building your vocal skills.  I'll be guiding you through all the necessary exercises to make yourself into the singer you always wanted to be.

Master new physical skills with "The Focused Five" video series.  Learn to do a self-laryngeal massage, get new stretches to help alleviate sinus problems and try new mobility drills that will get you grounded and sounding your best.

The audio branch of The Focused Five consists of 5-minute meditations that you can use to center yourself for peak performance.  Free tension from your body, improve your breathing and find improved vocal resonance.

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Total Body Relaxation Sample

Online Studio members get access to Andrew's original sheet music arrangements, which are not available anywhere else.  These pieces are arranged with your vocal growth in mind, with keys and accompaniments designed with specific pedagogical goals in mind.  You will find piano/vocal tracks, accompaniment only tracks, as well as tracks that plunk out your melody so you can learn the music.  

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Online Studio members get free access to my "30 Day Vocalise Challenge" Online Course (a $39.97 value).  The course will take you through thirty different vocal exercises that cover 10 topics essential for becoming a great vocalist.

No one is a bigger fan of scales and arpeggios than me, but some of us do better singing lyrics.  That's where "Step it Up" comes in.  Here, we use actual phrases of music to warm our voice up, instead of just vowels; it's a fun and practical way to get ready for the big note.


If you are a fan of new musical theater composers, you've come to the right place.  I've created a database of tons of amazing young writers, where I recommend my five favorite songs of theirs.  I also link you to their websites, where you can buy the songs and learn more about their work.

If you get an annual membership to the online studio, you receive access to my repertoire lists as a thank you (a $25 value.)  These lists will help you make sure you're singing the strongest material out there.  To learn more about the lists, click here.

What People Are Saying About Andrew and the Online Studio

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Kaye Tuckerman (Mamma Mia!, Cirque de Soleil)

Andrew has an incredible understanding of vocal and physical anatomy, repertoire selection, vocal health, as well as the psychology of what we experience as performers.  I really can't recommend him highly enough.

Matt Gibson (Gypsy, White Christmas)

Studying with Andrew has enhanced the quality of my sound, the specificity of my musicality, and my range.  As a vocal technician, Andrew’s active, athletic approach to singing will be easy to relate to for any actors with a fitness, movement, or dance background.   He's also experienced in coaching all the different styles of singing required in today's market.  You'd be hard pressed to find a coach who is more well-rounded in what they offer.

Pearl Sun (If/Then, Next to Normal)

Andrew has been my vocal coach for over a decade. He  is a fount of knowledge in the physiology of the vocal instrument. Andrew has an incredible library of music arrangements and is constantly continuing his own growth in learning new procedures and techniques to achieve the best results in vocal technique and performance. Studying with Andrew has been a gift and pleasure. I count myself lucky to work with him.

Frequently Asked Questions

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-Singers with a passion for creative vocal training

-Singers who want access to maximum resources

-Singers who love exploration and variety 

-Singers looking for an online way to promote vocal growth

-Singers who thrive on new ideas and concepts

-Singers who love to sing EVERY DAY



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